Weaning a Baby from Breastfeeding – How?

If you are exclusively breastfeeding your baby, when do you need to start weaning your baby? It is recommended that you continue to breastfeed your baby up to 2 years of age. However, your own circumstances may be different and you may choose to do so when you are ready. You may be returning to work and need to have your child weaned to make the transition easier. I suggest you give yourself a couple weeks to attempt to wean your baby since it must be done gradually. You want to start by … [Read more...]

What is the Average Baby Weight?

The average weight of your newborn that is full-term (37-40 weeks) can be anywhere from 5 lbs 8 ounces up to 10 lbs. There are several factors that can affect your baby's weight which is different for every mother. Several factors can affect your baby's weight including: Weight of Mother: if the mother is under weight, you may have a smaller baby and if you are overweight, you may have a larger baby Genetics: the height and build of the parents Sex of baby: boys are generally … [Read more...]

How to Breastfeed your Baby

How to Breastfeed your Baby

You have just delivered your new baby, chances are your baby is ready to eat. If you will be breastfeeding your baby, now is the time to start. Your baby has come screaming into the world, she's alert, now is a great time to start bonding by feeding your new baby. You may be exhausted and scared but don't worry you will get the hang of things. The shock will wear off and then you'll realize that your baby has to eat. Breastfeeding is never how you imagined because when you pictured it, you … [Read more...]

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mother

Breastfeeding benefits mothers as well as their babies. It is the best choice for your baby because it can protect them against illnesses and provides the best nutrients for their bodies. What benefits does the mother get out of this? After the birth, each time your breastfeed, your body releases oxytocin which helps your uterus contract and shrink back down to its pre-pregnancy size. Breastfeeding helps the mother lose weight more easily after the pregnancy. Nursing your baby can increase … [Read more...]

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Baby

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Baby

Formula feeding or breastfeeding? What are the benefits of breastfeeding for your baby? Breastfeeding is definitely the best choice for your baby, but why is that? Mother's breast milk is the best food for your newborn. It has all the nutrients your baby needs for the first 6 months of your baby's life. The first milk or colostrum that your body produces has a higher protein and lower fat content than your regular milk. It looks thicker and darker in color. Colostrum is packed with … [Read more...]

What to Pack for the Hospital – Labor

What to Pack for the Hospital - Labor

If you are in your last trimester, you should think about packing your hospital bag. You never know when the baby will decide to make his or her appearance. What an exciting time when you are getting especially anxious. With all the emotion and nerves, it is better to be prepared now so that there are less things to worry about when you go into labor. I usually pack up my hospital bag when I have a month left until my due date. It's always better to have things ready earlier than later when … [Read more...]

Baby Hospital Bag – What to Pack?

Baby Hospital Bag - What to Pack?

Are you getting close to your due date?  What do you need to pack for the baby for your hospital trip? You are nearing the end of your pregnancy, when should you pack your baby bag? I would pack it a month before your due date. You never know when you will go into labor and it's better to have things ready instead of rushing to put it together last minute or worst while in labor. If you are lucky and have a complication free vaginal delivery, you may only be in the hospital for 1-3 days. … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Reduce Stress for Moms

Are you feeling overwhelmed? How can you reduce your own stress levels as a mom? As a mother, your job is a 24 hour one, children need to eat, go to school, learn, play, bathe, and sleep, all with your help. It's no wonder, we feel burnt out by the end of the day. What can you do to make sure that your day goes a little more smoothly? … [Read more...]

Yoga While Pregnant

Are you pregnant and hoping to stay fit? How can you exercise safely? Doing yoga while pregnant can help you de-stress and keep fit and get you prepare your body for labor. If you've been doing yoga before you were pregnant, there is no reason why you shouldn't continue as long as it is approved by your doctor. After 16 weeks, you should not be doing any exercises while lying on your back. There are certain positions that you will need to avoid as well and know that you are going to have … [Read more...]

Working Out While Pregnant

Are you interested in working out while you are pregnant? Or perhaps you want to begin working out during pregnancy? Before you start doing anything, consult your doctor to make sure that it is okay for you to begin an exercise program. Why would you want to work out during your pregnancy? Keeping fit will help The best kind of exercise for a pregnant women is aerobic exercise which can begin with walking. Begin slowly for the first 5 minutes to warm up and then you can pick up your … [Read more...]